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Welcome to Nyamphande

Nyamphande Community School is located in rural Zambia, 125 kilometers east of Lusaka. It began in 1996, with fifteen students under a Musamba tree at the current site...

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How it all started

"Together we can do this; together we will do this," is the rallying cry for Nyamphande Village, which began in 1996 as a school with 15 children that met under

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Community Schools Project

The orphanage and school president, John Mambo, wrote, "Our greatest wish is to see the children of Nyamphande graduate and become what they wish in future as the sky is

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Community Health Projects

Nyamphande has a small medical clinic originally intended for the care of students. In recent years, local villagers have also availed themselves of services

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Orphanages & Chalets

Also under development is a Camp site with Chalets where our volunteers and sight seeing enthusiasts will be accommodated as they come to either volunteer at our centres or to

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Volunteerism & Fundraising

We are continually grateful to our many donors and volunteers who have contually come through to help us achieve the many goals of this project...

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Sunday, 25 Aug 2019

Nyamphande Jubilee newsletter

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Nyamphande newsletter

Zambia being in the spirit of Jubilee has continued to lift the name of our might God for he is a caring Father to the Orphans, vulnerable children and Widows. Nyamphande has continued through our heavenly father to bless the children in Rufunsa and the surrounding area and has remained a beacon of hope for many. The month of October having been a month when Zambia got its independence and also a year Zambia celebrated its Golden Jubilee, the NOCS Management thought of touching people differently including the Widows/widowers during the schools celebration of the Golden jubilee. Charitable gifts where extended to the orphans, widows and widowers in form of clothing and wheelchairs for those that needed walking aid.


Praise report:

World vision:


An international organization but also based in Zambia donated associated items ranging from clothing for children and adults including toys to Nyamphande Orphanage. This donation brought smiles to our children including the people in the community as they also benefited. Clothing has been one of the areas Nyamphande has been having challenges as our children have grown as well as their sizes and who to help has been hectic for us hence we glorify the Lord for what he has done to the institution in the area of clothing. More than 500 children and community members benefited from this noble cause.


Children International:

As Nyamphande, we continue to give praise to God almighty for Children International and its management team for standing with us to bring real and lasting change

e to children living in poverty their partnership with us has contribute in reducing the daily struggles in the area of health, invested in their potential, and provide them with the opportunity to grow up healthy despite of the disabilities some of the people face - Children International contributed to Nyamphande more wheelchairs to the institution, this time around, a total number of 15 wheelchairs where extended to Nyamphande for distribution to those in need in our society.

Beneficiaries – Jubilee

Progress report:

· Our three boys who are at Chongwe teachers college will be completing their teaching course this coming year in the fourth quarter. We therefore ask for your continuous prayer for us to manage and raise K 13, 950. With you partnering with us, we will cross the bridge and see them through. This will be of great help to us as Nyamphande as we will have our own product. We are praying that more of our children will complete their high school and join us Nyamphande staff.

· We will have the 1st grade 12 to graduate at Nyamphande high school this coming year though the high school project is still pending for completion. We hope to complete the high school building project by next year.

· Our children who are in grades 7 and 9 travelled to Chimusanya where they are sitting for their end of year examination, we ask for your prayers.

Sad news:

· From the beginning of this year to date, we have lost two of our pupils who were double orphans. One was in grade nine and just this month, we lost a grade two pupil. It is very sad to lose a beloved child but our comfort is in Him as he assured us that we will meet our beloved one. May their souls rest in Peace!

Production unit:

Summer time is here and as always, we will cultivate our school farm and will this year plant the following crops:

i. Maize

ii. Pumpkins

iii. Beans

iv. Millet and

v. Sweet potatoes.

The crops will used for retail and consumption.

NOCS Meeting:

Nyamphande Board meeting held on the 13th November 2014. Among those who were present in the meeting was District Education Board Secretary of Rufunsa who sat in as an Ex-official alongside other new board members. We had a very successful meeting.

School closing date:

School will close this coming month on the 5th December 2014 and as always, we will have the children Christmas party, date to be communicated. We do this to remind our children about the love of Christ and also show them that we are their parents despite them losing their parents.


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We would like to thank the following organization and well-wishers for giving the children of Nyamphande a wonderful Christmas:-   WILLISTON CHURCH OF GOD (AMERICA) THE FOUNDING PRESIDENT – BISHOP JOHN MAMBO HAZIDA...

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Partner in Caring

We are continually grateful to our many donors...

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