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Welcome to Nyamphande

Nyamphande Community School is located in rural Zambia, 125 kilometers east of Lusaka. It began in 1996, with fifteen students under a Musamba tree at the current site...

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How it all started

"Together we can do this; together we will do this," is the rallying cry for Nyamphande Village, which began in 1996 as a school with 15 children that met under

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Community Schools Project

The orphanage and school president, John Mambo, wrote, "Our greatest wish is to see the children of Nyamphande graduate and become what they wish in future as the sky is

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Community Health Projects

Nyamphande has a small medical clinic originally intended for the care of students. In recent years, local villagers have also availed themselves of services

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Orphanages & Chalets

Also under development is a Camp site with Chalets where our volunteers and sight seeing enthusiasts will be accommodated as they come to either volunteer at our centres or to

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Volunteerism & Fundraising

We are continually grateful to our many donors and volunteers who have contually come through to help us achieve the many goals of this project...

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Saturday, 22 Feb 2020


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Nyamphande has in the last month of May seen some progress taking place at the institution, some of the projects that where outstanding since 2008 are now coming to life and it’s our hope that the year 2012 will be a rebirth of Nyamphande which had given hope to so many but had in the last few years lost its direction.

Window falling apart due to vandalism

The year 2011 was a melting point for the institution and change was inevitable Nyamphande had strategic plans for the year 2008 to 2010. The building programmes of constructing staff accommodation was started by the Williston Church of God women’s ministry in the U.S.A who raised money for the construction of the teachers houses between the year 2006-2008 three houses where completed during that period and work slowed down after.

Teacher’s houses

It was however the prayer of Williston Church of God that the Government would be sending trained teachers to the school once accommodation was finished. That prayer by the Williston church of God did not go unanswered, the government of Zambia has started sending government teacher to the institution and they have also started sending teacher on work placement. So far this school term we have seen about 8 teachers who are station at Nyamphande doing their attachments. These teachers were given a warm welcome by the board members the P.T.A chairman and the president on 17th May 2012.

Teacher placement get a welcome from board members

Nyamphande has also seen an increase in the pass rate of students from grade 9 to grade 10 though most of these have little hope of entering grade 10 classes even after passing their exams. Nyamphande has always been sponsoring the students that have made it to grade 10 or College through its partners but due to Global financial constraints these sponsorships have also been affected.

Mr Mweene a government teacher doing his duty.

During Nyamphande’s strategic planning for the years 2008-2010 we where guided by Zambia’s efforts to achieve the 2015 Millennium Development Goal. Within that context, and bearing in mind the importance of educating the girl child, we concluded that there was an urgent need for Nyamphande to construct a high school as soon as funds were available. Being at the site, it will give us an advantage in encouraging local girls to stay in high school, given that the school is close to their home. This will support Nyamphande’s pursuit of gender balance in pupil access to education. Personal supervision, monitoring and mentoring of students will also be enhanced, as will administration.

The high school has now been revisited and has received the much needed attention since work had stalled during the past years. During the month of May 2012 the high school has been going through so much activities though the work has been happening at a slow pace, still deadlines have been set for the building to be completed July.

Board members and the P.T.A chairman inspecting the high school.

According to the human rights fact sheet number 10 which is published by the Centre of Human Rights, United Nations office in Geneva “one hundred and twenty million children between the age of six and eleven are deprived of schooling. Some 155 million Children under the age of five in developing countries live in absolute poverty.”

At Nyamphande we believe that the little support and efforts we put in can make a difference for each individual child that we help.
The board members have put in a lot of efforts in seeing that the orphaned and the vulnerable children are no longer neglected but given the same opportunity as every other child. The members have been on site and coordinating the works that are taking place on the ground they have also taken a hands on approach in the administration of project through sacrificing their time from work and family.

On Sunday the 13 of May the Cathedral of Miracles Church of God in Lusaka Chipata compound come together with other congregations in order to fulfil another dream and hard work that the Williston Church in America had invested in. The theme of the service was called the big Sunday service for Williston Church of God Nyamphande. The aim of the service was to raise 25million kwacha for the construction of the roof. About 18 million was raised in the church on 13th May 2012 including pledges from well wishers. A lot of touching testimonies were shared about Nyamphande from those that had been touched in one way or the other by the project.

The Williston Church of God at Nyamphande

Among those Guests at the big Sunday service Where:-
·    Bishop Charles Karangwa the Regional Superintendent for Church of God Central Africa.
·    Bishop J.H Mambo the former Regional superintendent for Central Africa and current president of Nyamphande.
·    Bishop Danny Phiri.
·    Bishop Naison Nyonyo
·    Nyamphande Board members
·    Nyamphande P.TA chairman
·    Nyamphande School representatives
·    Nyamphande secretariat

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We would like to thank the following organization and well-wishers for giving the children of Nyamphande a wonderful Christmas:-   WILLISTON CHURCH OF GOD (AMERICA) THE FOUNDING PRESIDENT – BISHOP JOHN MAMBO HAZIDA...

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Partner in Caring

We are continually grateful to our many donors...

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