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Sunday, 25 Aug 2019

Patson Kangaza

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On 12 November 2012 grade nines throughout Zambia will be sitting for their final grade nine exams, for some this will be their first time and for others they will be sitting for the second or third time. We at Nyamphande would like to wish our students the very best during their exams and we wish to make a special prayer request for Patson kangaza who will be doing the exams for the second time.

Last years pictures of the house mother giving blessing to Patson and his fellow students as want for grade nine exams in 2011.

Patson Kangaza is a student at Nyamphande orphanage and community school, he is 17 years old and doing his grade nine. Patson lost his father 6 years ago; he was the bread winner of the family. Patson remembers his dad as warm, caring and a loving father to all his children.



The late Reverend Kangaza, bishop John H mambo and

Reverend K. Mwanza praying for Pastor Mwewa and his wife.

Kangaza’s father was a pastor for the church of God in Lusaka he was also a business man. Pastor Kangaza was also in the church council together with his father Reverend kangaza. Reverend Kangaza was a very good friend of Reverend Hard Mambo who was also in the church council with his son Bishop John .H. Mambo. The two reverends had a lot in common as they were both evangelist and had a passion for church planting. Reverend kangaza had for some time straggled with cancer which later took his leg and he used walking aids however his amputation did not deter him from caring out his work. He was a very committed man even on one leg and one day a missionary of the church of God in America by the name of Pastor Teddy Long organised an artificial leg for him which made him more mobile in his outreach ministry. Reverend Kangza touched a lot of people during his lifetime and he is missed and remembered by many.


The late Hard Mambo and his son bishop John H Mambo.



Young Kangaza like his grandfather is also a very well known student at his school he was once a head boy at Nyamphande. Patson is not like his grandfather but he may be on the right track to being an Evangelist like his granddad as he is now the leader of the school worship group. Patson hardly talks even when he is with friends he seems withdrawn and most of the times he keeps to himself. Behind the quite young man is a loving spirit and he goes out of his way to helping his fellow pupils and other people around him.

Above Patson helping off loading.

Last year kangaza sat for his grade nine final exams, as Nyamphande does not yet have an examination centre, the students had to be transported by bus to a school with a centre, which is some kilometers away from the school. As the head boy kangaza was very active in overseeing these programmes. Though Nyamphande community school recorded a very high passing rate Patson was not among those who made it to grade 10. His results affected Patson so much, but because of his drive and determination he pulled himself together and was back with his juniors redoing his grade nine. Since the beginning of the school term Kangaza has not set foot out of Nyamphande to go and visit his relatives he has devoted his time to studying for his exams. He describes his staying at school and seeing his friends live for holidays as the most painful but hopes he will earn his goal after all the sacrifice’s he has put himself through. Pastons dream is to be the first in his family to make it to university so that he can help others.



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