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Sunday, 25 Aug 2019

Nyamphande breakfarst feeding program.

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Our Community school has faced a great number of challenges over the past years and the major one has been the number of children that do not make it through to high school. The root of this problem has whoever been identified as that coming from the very early stages of the Child's learning developmental stage. This problem is not due to the teachers or the children but it seems that these poor young boys and girls have other obstacles that hinder them from attaining the educational development that they are suppose to obtain at their early stage of education.

Most of the difficulties that are being faced by our children are highly reflected through their school performances especially those that travel long distances. The majority of our children come from a very poor background and some from broken homes. Most are orphans who are being looked after by their extended family and in some cases by their elderly relative like grandparents who are also heavily dependent on these children.

A good number of the orphaned children are not registered with us as a lot of them are stigmatized by this and do not want to be known by their friends as being orphaned. The disturbing stigmatisation suffered by the underprivileged orphans was learned in 2012 when Nyamphande carried out a registration exercise of the vulnerable and orphaned in our community. Most children in the community have a phobia of being associated with family members or friends who have H.I.V furthermore the orphans do not want to be identified as having had parents who died from H.I.V, since most deaths in the villages are mostly associated with these diseases.

Our teachers also carry out detailed registration of every Child's parental status of all the children enrolled at the school but have also encountered the same problem but in most cases other parents take advantage of this by registering their children as orphans so that they can get benefit from this. Our school has also observed that most of these children who come from such backgrounds have less concentration in class as they are drained of their energy during the long walk to school. The majority of these children walk a distance of more than 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) and their age range is 6 years and above.

They get up early in order to be in time for their classes and mostly it’s on empty stomachs, for the luck few it’s the left over supper that they managed to save that becomes their break fast. In light of all these the president and the board have come up with a program that will ensure that every child has breakfast to keep them energized so that they can concentrate more in class. Breakfast School, Everyday Feeding. Join in the love African Zambia feeding program ours is:-

  • Education
  • Nourishment
  • Home
  • Play
  • Security
  • Happiness
  • Family
  • Identity



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We would like to thank the following organization and well-wishers for giving the children of Nyamphande a wonderful Christmas:-   WILLISTON CHURCH OF GOD (AMERICA) THE FOUNDING PRESIDENT – BISHOP JOHN MAMBO HAZIDA...

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Partner in Caring

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