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Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Christmas Luncheon 2011 at Nyamphande Orphanage

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On the 17th December 2011, Nyamphande held its annual Christmas party for the Orphan’s and the rest of the community. The Christmas party has now been attracting children from other communities and the surrounding remote areas who now attend in big numbers. On this occasion the Orphanage makes sure that every child gets fed and that they go away with a small present.A girl tries out her dress which was donated by the williston church of God

Children having their christmas
For most Zambian children, Christmas is a day the eagerly look forward to. Christmas for most of these children in the rural areas is the day that they can get to drink a cup of tea with bread and have meat on their table. Christmas for them is a day they get to wear a pair of shoes or some second hand clothes if they are fortunate enough.

Young girls in their new dress wore on top of their old onesThings are a bit different in Africa at Christmas time. However, it is certainly celebrated by those who are Christians and those who are culturally so but do not attend church. In Africa society spirituality is an important part of life and it is reflected in the way people have and celebrate no matter if people are rich or poor they will celebrate and enjoy the moment, the reason for the season.

In Africa there is not so much the giving of presents but the giving of presence. Most people do not have the financial resources to buy gifts such as toys and in the rural areas there are not many that have any kind of toys for sale and even if they did they wouldn’t sale too well since people are into having daily food, but on Christmas just like the western world there is a celebrating spirit for the family and friends to come together, eat, drink and rejoice in the fact that they have each other.

A young girl gives her young thirst brother water after walking a long distance to attend the christmas luncheonFood is served but it would not be your usual holiday spread found in the west no turkey, goose, ham but there will be many other things to feast. In many cases it will be the same food as usual but more of more verity.

Below the young boys show off their tshirts which were also donated by the williston church of godNyamphande’s aim of the annual Christmas party is to make the event even more colourful every year so that their Christmas will not be any different to that of the other children from the urban areas. We also want to make the children more involved by introducing more interactive activities for the children and also make them fully understand the reason we celebrate the ‘birth’ of Christ Jesus our saviour.

For this year’s event, we had the Chongwe Assistant Education Commissioner as our guest of honour who also played the part of Father Christmas to the children. Unfortunately we could not find the Father Christmas outfit but we hope to procure one for next year.

The Christmas celebrations wouldn’t be possible without the help of well wisher, some of whom have made it their duty to see to it that the children have a smile on their face on this special day.

below the assistant education commissioner for chongwe gives a speech on the importance of educationNyamphande would like to convey their warm gratitude’s on behalf of the community and the children at large to the following individuals and organisations that made it possible for this event to take place.

• Williston Church of God (U.S.A) for the donation of T shirts and dress for the girls.

• City Clothing (Zambia) who donated School uniforms, Mealie-meal and provided financial help towards the event.

• HAZIDA (Zambia) for providing financial help and transportation.
• Mrs. Daka and Miss. Chiluba Daka (Zambia) for providing second hand clothes and cakes.

• Zumonze enterprise (Zambia) for making the Christmas cake and donating 2 cakes.

• Bart Moman (Netherlands) donated tools for carpentry, clothes for the staff and the orphans.

Some of the T-shirts from the Williston Church of God where printed on by the orphanage with Nyamphande Logo and distributed to the children, board members, the secretariat, teachers, the guest of honour and the rest of the Community. Some of the T-shirts which were left over will be given to the football, netball team, table tennis and some for the students to put on as a Friday wear.

children having their christmas mealWith the start of 2012, our aim will be to take Nyamphande to a whole new level. Our main goal is to see to it that the double orphans also enjoy the basic things that all children with parents enjoy so that the orphans don’t feel left out or out of place. It is very heartbreaking seeing that during our annual Christmas event children from different villages all come together with the orphans but later leave and look forward to a Christmas at home with their parents while the orphans are left behind in the school dormitory’s. We hope that soon this will come to an end and the orphans will have a place where they can call their own home.

Excited boys showing off their TshirtsA place where they will be living with their care-givers (foster parents) so that even after the annual Christmas party at the school the orphans’ can also have their actual Christmas in a homely environment not a dormitory. Our hope is that one day they can be able to say I am going home when then knock off from school, our hope and prayer is that they will have a place to look forward to and feel they belong, a place called home sweet home.



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We would like to thank the following organization and well-wishers for giving the children of Nyamphande a wonderful Christmas:-   WILLISTON CHURCH OF GOD (AMERICA) THE FOUNDING PRESIDENT – BISHOP JOHN MAMBO HAZIDA...

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Partner in Caring

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