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Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019



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A majority of disabled children in Zambia live in abject poverty and lack access to basic health services including rehabilitation opportunities, these children are also excluded from allocation of resources that can help them. As such, these ill-fated children are highly susceptible to the risk of missing out on essential developmental opportunities. In Zambia, poverty levels are high and a national policy about disability is yet to be implemented, thus the care for disabled children falls on the families alone.

Primary health care in Zambia is not able to provide adequate care for disabled children, and their health needs are therefore assessed and managed within a family unit strongly influenced by poverty. Poverty plays a substantial role in regulating access and utilization. Friday is one such child that was born, lives and will probably die in poverty.

The Main source of income for Luangwa is fishing, people start fishing at a very tender age and this contributes to an increase in child labour an evil that robs children of their future most girls here are forced into early marriages. There is a lot of promiscuous sexual behavior’s in Luangwa especially among girls and woman who may not have money to buy fish as they offer sex for fish which they later sale or feed their children. This has seen the increase in the number of HIV/AIDS prevalent rates which also triggers poverty as bread winners are either sick, nursing the sick or dead.


Friday Sakala was born in Luangwa, he was born with deformed legs and so he has to craw to make his way around his village. Luangwa has spectacular scenery of its own; Temperature in this part of the country ranges from 24 to above 39 degrees and little Friday has nothing to protect him from heat.

On 11th October 2013, the board secretary for Nyamphande, Mr. Dumisani Tembo took some time off from his law firm as well as his court room’s schedules to present five year old Friday with a brand new wheel chair; Mr. Tembo also donated T-shirts to the family and other villagers.

Friday Sakala is not like any other average five year old, he goes through a lot of pain, he has questions that most of us can’t answer yet he still manages to put on a smile. Despite all the constant bulling he gets, he still pulls himself up, even with all the heat that burns his hands and little deformed feet, Friday still manages to get around with little or no complaints at all. Friday is truly a bright, remarkable young champion with little chances of getting an education as he comes from a family of six and the family would much prefer the able-bodied siblings. Friday needs all the support he can get so that he can also have a better future and inspire others.

On 16th  September 2013, the founding president of both Nyamphande and Chikondi Foundation Bishop John .H. Mambo together with volunteers from the community and the secretariat also distributed some wheel chairs to several rural community health post that where in need of such equipment’s. Another beneficiary of the wheel chairs was a widowed grandmother who is crippled as well as blind, to get around she needs the aid of her grandchildren.
Nyamphande would like to share their gratitude to Children International and its Staff members for their warm reception and the extension of donations which included 10 Wheel Chairs and 67 pairs of shoes, the shoes were given to some of our most underprivileged children in our community by our community care givers who helped identify and distribute them.

We would also like to extend our invitation to other organization and donors to join us in the fight against child poverty and in giving these children the much needed education so that they also can have a brighter future. The needs in our areas are many, but if we unity we will be able to change the futures of these children and many others.

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We would like to thank the following organization and well-wishers for giving the children of Nyamphande a wonderful Christmas:-   WILLISTON CHURCH OF GOD (AMERICA) THE FOUNDING PRESIDENT – BISHOP JOHN MAMBO HAZIDA...

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