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Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

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Smart Tembo

Zambian communities are very closely linked and Nyamphande is no exception. Communities in Zambia are also very well known for their charitable ways of life that they have lived, valued and treasured amongst themselves for generation.

It is very common in these communities for one to ask his neighbour for financial help or a bowl of sugar, salt and other essential items. It is also very common amongst neighbours to help in the care of children and the sick like they would care for their own relatives.

For most children in Zambia life as an orphan has not been easy and in communities like Nyamphande which is well known for being the only established orphanage in Rufusa district, it becomes very disturbing to learn that most genuine orphans are being disadvantaged by those that are meant to help them. The charitable values for which our communities are known for are being crashed by those who would rather put a relative or people in the family cycles first on the priority list then an orphan or a venerable child. Smart and Justina Tembo are one such case that our community system has failed to help for the past 8 years.

Smart’s life has had an uphill struggle ever since he was a young Child. Smart now looks after his grandmother and is always in constant search for part time work in order for him to buy books for school, clothes and food items for him as well as his grandmother.

Smart Tembo studying in his class room.

The passion for the 14 year old Smart, who is now doing his grade 7 at Nyamphande, is to help those that are in need like him. Smart is a bright young man who loves mathematics, his career choice is to become a teacher as is the case with most children in rural areas who see teaching as their only profession. Smart has little time to play like other children because of his responsibilities at home which includes caring for his grandmother.

Smarts grandmother was born in 1930 making her 71 years old; she looks a lot older then her age with a frail body that has been through a lot of emotional and physical pain. For a lot of grandparents it has not been easy witnessing the passing away of the younger generation their children and grandchildren all passing away right in their very eyes. Grandparents pride themselves when they have a lot of children and grandchildren as they become dependent to their children in their old age.

In the Tembo household Smart has become the bread winner of the family he is responsible for his school resources and management of his house which he share with his grandmother. His time for study and homework is highly dependent on his duties at home, he cannot study at night as the whole community is not under any power grid, but he still manages to find time for studies and home work. Life was not only hard for smart but for his older sister as well.

Justina Tembo left his grandmother and brother to live with a cousin in Lusaka. This was after she was turned away from school because she could not afford the school fee and had no uniform. It was very heart breaking for Justine who had worked very hard and passed her exams which she wrote in 2010 but could not be given a place at the school. After finding life difficulty in the village, she turned to her cousin in Lusaka for help, she now resides with her cousin, living behind her grandmother and brother.

Smarts hardships started 11 years ago when his father Mr Samuel Tembo passed away after a long sickness, Smart was only 3 and too young to understand what was happening in his life at the time. He does not have any memories of his father Mr Samuel Tembo but he was always told that his father was a kind and generous man.

Smarts Mother Fostina Tembo got on very well with her son and she would share warm memories of her husband with him. Fostina started being unwell after some time she sadly passed away Smart was only 6 years when this happened. Fostina left her two children in the care of her in-laws who had cared and looked after her during her long sickness.

The two grandparents where now sole cares of Justina despite their old age the two took their role as parents with pride. Smart developed a very close relationship with his grandfather as he was the only man in the house that smart new as a father. He looked up to his grandfather who was full of wisdom and encouraged Smart to work hard in school. Smart remembers his grandfather because he provided and cared for them. One day Smarts grandfather come home, he complained of a cold a few days later he passed away. Smart was only 9 years and he had seen his family being destroyed by death like a blow which struck every 3 years of his life.

In all the years that Smart was going through his pain and grieving the community grieved with him saw him through all the pain and suffering then turned their eyes away from him.

It was during one of the distribution excise which was in 2012, Smart was waiting like the rest of the other OVC there was a large crowed outside and work had progressed through to the night when the last names where read out for his section of the village Smart with some woman come in to the small room to find out if it was true that their name where not called out.

(1) Smart Tembo lining inquiring his name on the list of OVCs (2) Care givers going through the list of OVCs


Smart had with him his beddings just to keep him warm he wore a faded T-shirt which was a donation from 2011 Christmas donation from the willinston church of God in America, after reaching the end of the line Smart could not find his name in any of the lists. The care givers could not give an explanation as to why his name was not on the list, yet most of the people in the room had attended Smarts parents’ funeral or his grandfather’s funeral.

Also present in the room where two brother who are also orphaned but not on the list, their two young sisters could not wait that long and had gone home.

(1) The two orphaned brothers Imikani and luka Phiri (2) Their young sisters being presented by their guardian Mr Sakala for registration.

(3) Mr Sakala giving details of the orphaned  children he looks after.


There are more children like these in our community.You can help them fulfill their dreams of attaining a higher education and make a big difference in their life.

To those who wish to help our is  project number 1318080



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To all the Saints in Christ Jesus from Your Bond Savant Bishop John H Mambo

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The founding president Bishop John H Mambo

You never know who the next UN general secretary or president will be, in sub-Saharan Africa; there is an estimated 125 deaths for every 1000 children under the age of 5. With only four children in Africa there is a need for more as these are not enough to care for the health needs of our children.

Nyamphande community is heavily dependent on our health center though only one heath center is available for this growing community. The small medical clinic at the school was originally intended for the care of students. In the recent years, local Villagers have also availed themselves of   services provided by visiting medical professionals active in the prevention and treatment of H.I.V/AIDS, TB and malaria.

The clinic which was initially meant to service the school pupils and staff was given a rural health status by the Church Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) and was opened to members of the community as well. This was because there was no other clinic nearby and community members in the area used to travel several kilometers to either Kankumba rural health center or to Rufunsa hospital.

The clinic with the help of CHAZ launched in August 2004 three programs these are the Malaria Control T.B and HIV/AIDS. A number of people in the community have been trained in one of the three killer diseases and are working to sensitise community members on the dangers of the diseases and the need to have them treated if one has. As a result of the programs, we have had a reduction in the number of Malaria, T.B and STI cases at our clinic.

A nurse attending to children.

Of the many issues affecting a clinic like ours is the chronicle luck of funds:-
·    To strengthen under-5 clinics, therefore improving the quality of health of children and expecting mothers.
·    To improve the clinics ability to see multiple patients while maintaining the space for private consultation.
·     To teach basic yet essential HIV/AIDS education and VCT capabilities
·    To create an environment that encourages open and honest conversations about individual health issues.
·    To provide space for the creation of a youth friendly, HIV/AIDS counseling corner.
·    To provide accommodation for staff and nurses.
·    To provide patients transport to and from hospital for treatment and update of patients which is worrying.

Although great strides have been made in the health sector over the last 10 years, Zambia continues to face a host of health challenges, including far distances between households and health facilities, a shortage of skilled health care providers and insufficient community knowledge of health interventions. The impact of these challenges is evidenced by the fact that 14.3% of the adult population is infected with HIV and 591 of every 100,000 women die in childbirth.

But with your compassion and spirit of giving we can build the Nyamphande children’s hospital and you can help us with funds for orphans houses, library and laboratories for the high school.

To those who wish to help our is  project number 1318080

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Nyamphande has now added another grade to the school this was done in order to easy the lager number of venerable students in the community and its surrounding areas by giving them access to higher education. Nyamphande has more ambitious plans for the future as it has seen a soaring number of students that have passed their grade nines but due to the huge expense that they incur they are unable to attain high schools places.

Because all high schools are out side their districts these students have resorted in activates such as charcoal burning, peasant farming and other odd jobs in a bid to raise money for their school expenses, but when all does not go well and all hope is lost depression takes over and most of the boys turn to beer drinking while the girls are forced into early marriages.

Most of the students who passed their grade nines last year have returned as the first grade tens of Nyamphande and one of them is Patson Kangaza who last year wrote his grade nine exams for the second time and has now made it to grade ten.

In our first intake of grade tens we have witnessed a number of students with a lot of drive and passion for higher leaning as many believe that it is their only way out of poverty and they want to make a difference for their family and the community at large. One of our students with such high ambitions is Josiah Rogers Tembo.   

Josiah comes from Kamilulu he started his primary education in his home village where he lives with his parents who make their living through subsistence farming. The primary school where he did his grade one to grade seven is also a community school which is named after his village Kamilulu it was built with the help of the Catholic Church. The school is several kilometers from Nyamphande and is one of those Community Schools that benefits from Nyamphande through Global Funds in partnership with Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) programs.

When Josiah passed his grade seven he want to Nyamphande to do his grade eight and nine as it was near his village and within his finical means. During his early education Josiah received all the help from his parent who paid all his tuition fees and provide him with school materials. His parents did not have any formal education in their life and seeing their son go up to grade seven was a very big achievement in their family. As in most parts of Zambia when a child attains teenage status the child is considered to be old enough to look after him/herself and Josiah was no exception.

When Josiah wrote his grade seven exams his parents gave him a portion of land as an incentive for him to fend for himself. His parents wanted to concentrate more on his younger siblings and so they felt he was now old enough to look after himself. Young Josiah did not despair he took up his parents challenge and went further in engaging himself in all sorts of work he could find he cultivated his field and went on to work on other field where people needed labour he even laboured for charcoal burners just to rise that extra cash for his education.

While at Nyamphande Josiah attended his grade eight and nine as a day scholar, he and a group of his school companion rented a house in the village as prices where affordable and they also had easy access to piece works. After passing his grade nine Josiah was selected to go to Chongwe Secondary school which is 80 kilometers from Nyamphande. For his school requirement he needed:-

•    A mattress.
•    Bedding's.
•    A trunk.
•    Washing vessel.
•    Books/stationer.
•    Uniforms.
•    Groceries.

He also needed boarding fees of around K830, 000 per term not forgetting transport which is around k30, 000 for a single trip to Chongwe so that he could attend his grade ten.  Josiah was supposed to be in grade ten last year (2012) but because he could not afford all the school requirements needed for him to attend his class he had to stay home and till his small field.  

Josiah was one of those students that started the first grade ten classes this year; he now rents his accommodation for k 30,000 a term and share a house with five other students who are in various grades at the school and can’t afford boarding fee. This makes it economical viable for them and lessens the distance that some of these children have to travel to get to school.

However the main concern for these students who see the institution as their hope for higher education is what will happen next if the institution can not see them through.

Since we do not have a grade eleven and twelve our fear is that Josiah and many other students like him will end up not finishing their education if funding is not found for them so that the can go and attend these two most important grades.  You can help sponsor these children for more information contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Nyamphande breakfarst feeding program.

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Our Community school has faced a great number of challenges over the past years and the major one has been the number of children that do not make it through to high school. The root of this problem has whoever been identified as that coming from the very early stages of the Child's learning developmental stage. This problem is not due to the teachers or the children but it seems that these poor young boys and girls have other obstacles that hinder them from attaining the educational development that they are suppose to obtain at their early stage of education.

Most of the difficulties that are being faced by our children are highly reflected through their school performances especially those that travel long distances. The majority of our children come from a very poor background and some from broken homes. Most are orphans who are being looked after by their extended family and in some cases by their elderly relative like grandparents who are also heavily dependent on these children.

A good number of the orphaned children are not registered with us as a lot of them are stigmatized by this and do not want to be known by their friends as being orphaned. The disturbing stigmatisation suffered by the underprivileged orphans was learned in 2012 when Nyamphande carried out a registration exercise of the vulnerable and orphaned in our community. Most children in the community have a phobia of being associated with family members or friends who have H.I.V furthermore the orphans do not want to be identified as having had parents who died from H.I.V, since most deaths in the villages are mostly associated with these diseases.

Our teachers also carry out detailed registration of every Child's parental status of all the children enrolled at the school but have also encountered the same problem but in most cases other parents take advantage of this by registering their children as orphans so that they can get benefit from this. Our school has also observed that most of these children who come from such backgrounds have less concentration in class as they are drained of their energy during the long walk to school. The majority of these children walk a distance of more than 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) and their age range is 6 years and above.

They get up early in order to be in time for their classes and mostly it’s on empty stomachs, for the luck few it’s the left over supper that they managed to save that becomes their break fast. In light of all these the president and the board have come up with a program that will ensure that every child has breakfast to keep them energized so that they can concentrate more in class. Breakfast School, Everyday Feeding. Join in the love African Zambia feeding program ours is:-

  • Education
  • Nourishment
  • Home
  • Play
  • Security
  • Happiness
  • Family
  • Identity


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The year 2012 was a year which saw a renaissance of Nyamphande and brought a lot of joy to the children and the community. The year started with an explosion of excitement from the Zambian people, who had just chosen a new political party and sworn in their new President. We even had the U.S Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton and former President George W Bush paying the Nation a humble visit. As if that was not enough, our National Soccer Team won the African cup of nations for the first time in its history.

Our Gust of honorable guests giving speeches and committing themselves to the noble cause of Nyamphande.

Nyamphande was not left out of these changes that were taking place in the motherland as we also had a new Acting Director and changes to the structure and operations of our institution. We also took part in a number of activities including the fight against Measles in Partnership with CHAZ, and we managed to help more than a hundred children with school fee payments to Primary, Secondary and College. We also distributed school requirement which included, new books, school bags, shoes, pencils, pens plus other school accessories.

Children lining up for the attendance of the Christmas party.

As we were closing the year, our loving Mother Charline Cureau and the Williston Church of God did what they know best; sent us the gift from their generous hearts, in Cash, US Dollar 1,000, in order for us to continue with the tradition of the Christmas luncheon for the Vulnerable and the community of Nyamphande at large. We thank you for your loving heart mother Charline and the Williston Church of God for your continuous help and love for the Nyamphande Project. The good Lord will richly bless you and your family in this year 2013.

Children lining up for their Christmas lunch.

The Christmas luncheon was eventful and colourful one and this was
made possible with the assistance of the four former grade 9 pupils who worked tirelessly with staff in painting the dining hall, decorating, collecting firewood, and countless other jobs they did all for the love of their school. We were also very happy that our board members had managed to secure a Father Christmas outfit and our Father Christmas did not disappoint though the only missing piece in the puzzle were the reindeer's.

The Christmas spirit of gifts sharing, being demonstrated by the board chairman who presented a cake to the governor on behalf of Nyamphande and the district Governor who also presented gifts to the children.

Other donors that we joined hands with were City Clothing, who donated assorted food stuffs and also made a rare, but pleasant appearance and added colour to the whole occasion. We also received donation of books from Macmillan as well as Christmas donation from Mr. Bart Moman of the Foundation for the World’s Children.

Pic 1. Patriotic Front district secretary, Nyamphande board chairman Mr. Alex Malama, The new Rufunsa district Governor, Nyamphande P.T.A chairman Mr. Lungu and Nyamphande acting director Mr. A Phiri.

Pic 2. Nyamphande board chairman Mr. Alex Malama and City Clothing Managing Director Mr. Prashant Vaghela.

Pic 3. Nyamphande village head-woman.

Our guest list included

  • The first District Commissioner of Rufunsa, a new district which was created in 2012 and this is a district that Nyamphande will fall under.
  • The Managing Director of City Clothing, a company that has been an all weather partner for a very long time now.
  • Nyamphande board members, Mr. Alex Malama and Mrs. Queen Mate.
  • The P.T.A chairman Mr. Lungu and his vice Chairman, Mr. Tembo.
  • The head woman who also represented the Chief and other Headmen.

The party was a bit different in that it involved the children more in the planning of the event. The whole entertainment was done by the children from the school who had been rehearsing with excitement every morning even when their teacher was not available.

Children reciting poems and singing Christmas carols.

Early Saturday morning the other children started showing up from the surrounding villages they were all dressed up in their best attires, some had put on their polished school shoes which were given through CHAZ programmes. You could hear the laughter and the children’s chatters from a distance as they made their way to the school, their faces where all shine with excitement.

After the opening prayer the kids took to the floor with their Christmas songs, Father Christmas who could not restrain himself from the thrill also joined in, with loud applause's from the gathering crowed as he danced and performed comic choir conducting of the children singing group. The children also shared poems about Christmas including some traditional dances which kept the guests well entertained.

Father Christmas (Mr.Chituta) entertaining the children and members of the community.

At this year’s Christmas luncheon, we managed to feed more than 345 kids and some members of the community, thank you, once again to the generous donation from mother Charline and the Williston Church of God whose money covered 90 percent of our expenditure. Our thanks also go to City Clothing, Mr. Bart Moman and other well wishers that saw to the success of our yearly celebrations. 

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