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Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

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The year 2012 was a very successful one in so far as taking care of our vulnerable in society is concerned and in particular at Nyamphande Orphanage and Community School & Rural Health centre. In the year under review there were a number of activities that took place with the sponsorship of CHAZ, who have always come to Nyamphande’s aid whenever such activates are to be undertaken. According to the program set out by CHAZ the following are the activities that took place between August and December 2012 at Nyamphande and in the surrounding areas.

Nyamphande Board Chairman Mr. Malama, the founding President Bishop Mambo, village headman and members of the community attending the official opening of CHAZ programs.

CHAZ Training Programs For Drama Groups Members: -

In March 2012 CHAZ requested for a drama teacher to be sent for training, Mr. Bwalya a, teacher at Nyamphande and the Patron of the Nyamphande Drama Group, was selected to undertake training that took place in Kabwe at Misuku Lodge from 12 March to 16 March 2012. This extensive training included Direct Observation Therapy and T.B. the difference has been evident at the school and in the surrounding areas since Mr. Bwalya undertook the training together with three other teachers, so much so that, they have come up with great plays and poetry that do not only educate on the perils of T.B and HIV/Aids, but also covered other topics that are pertinent in our society and these included issues of hygiene, sexual immoralities, Gender based Violence and Early Marriages.

On Independence Day the clubs displayed their talents and there was a big turnout for the events, awards were also given to deserving groups for best performance in various categories as a way of encouraging and motivating them.

Drama members in the catchment area where clubs have been established performing and raising awareness in the villages.

Establishment Of Anti Aids Clubs: -
CHAZ 2012 action plan was for Nyamphande to establish Anti Aids clubs in all the schools under its catchment area. Nyamphande catchment area consists of 14 villages with more than 5 community schools some of which are not known. Nyamphande in collaboration with the community did manage to establish Anti Aids clubs in five different schools. Due to the escalation of the spread of HIV & AIDS and TB as well as other preventable illnesses as Malaria, Nyamphande began an exercise of establishing Anti Aids Clubs with a view to slowing down the transmission and spread of the disease in areas where communication is limited. At the end of the exercise, NOCS established Anti Aids clubs in five schools in the community. The schools are:-

Mulamba Community School.
Kamilulu Community School.
Katope Community School.
Madalitso Community School.
Mwambashi Community School.

The task was not an easy one due to the remoteness and the distance of the community schools. Our team did a tremendous job and the organisation of events was never disappointing. The team showed the importance of such clubs, as a tool of raising awareness through plays and performances. This was appreciated by most people who attended the events and wanted to find out when next, will such events take place. A follow up of the newly established drama group will be done next year as to see how well they will have improved.
It is envisaged that there will be even larger turn outs next year since word has spread and it is also our hope that children and parents alike will learn the dangers of these diseases but also of the help they can access and the preventative measures they can take.
All these schools had to undertake activities and plays that disseminated information about HIV pandemic and TB and ways of preventing the transmission from person to person. These activities were a huge success.


Head-woman/Headmen attend a CHAZ planning meeting with Nyamphande staff.

Food Supplement Distribution:-
Another activity that was undertaken by Nyamphande was that of distribution of food stuffs to those that fall under the category of the vulnerable due to their health status such as those ravaged by TB or HIV /Aids and other terminal illnesses. The distribution of these food staffs was not only limited to Nyamphande Orphanage & Community School, but to the rest of the catchment area covering a radius of 25Kilometers as these all fall under the Nyamphande program.

School children and their parents taking part in the distribution exercise of school accessories and payment of fees.

To cover these areas where the identified venerable people live, especially in places that are not easily accessible, Nyamphande had to involve the help of the Head Men/Women in the community and together planned on how best to reach these people and provide them with the much needed supplements. The exercise was made easier with involvement of the area leaders as they had registers of these vulnerable in their respective communities and the food was equally and equitably shared among the various villages.


School children and their parents taking part in the distribution exercise of school accessories and payment of fees.

Distribution of School Uniforms, Shoes, Books to the Community:-
Nyamphande through CHAZ carried out a distribution exercise of school equipment which included Shoes, school bags, books, mathematical sets and other school equipment. More than 260 orphaned and vulnerable children benefited from this exercise and this year, number is likely to increase the school population grows.

School children and their parents taking part in the distribution exercise of school accessories and payment of fees.

Payment of School Fees for the Vulnerable in the Area:-
More than 31 vulnerable and orphaned pupils benefited from this exercise through payment of Primary, Secondary as well as College fees being paid for at various schools and colleges.
We have now established a register of those that are being sponsored in these institutions and we will ensure that we monitor their progression as well as seeing to it that they do not drop out and opt to herd cattle or early marriages.

Food distribution exercise being carried out by care givers.

Home Based Care: -
Nyamphande home based care is a community programme; it targets the most venerable in our community especially those that have infirmity and are in need of a balanced diet as most might be on medication or too weak to fend for themselves. These groups of people are the ones that are in most need of supplements as they are most likely to have no means of accessing a balanced diet. Our teams of Care Givers helped to identify and distribute supplies to these groups of people.

Food distribution exercise being carried out by care givers.

This time a total of 30 adults and 25 children benefited from the food supplements that were distributed under the HBC component of our program. At the time of distribution, the number of those needing help was bigger on the ground than as registered. To this end, our care givers have already embarked on a registration exercise and these names will be included in next year’s budget.

We are very grateful to CHAZ for not only putting smiles on faces of our community but also teaching them the dangers of not detecting TB & HIV/Aids early as well as imparting some preventive skills through plays and drama, poetry, and other activities which CHAZ ably sponsored. Since these are annual activities, we can only appeal to CHAZ to empower Nyamphande even more and use us as a vehicle of behavioural change in the Nyamphande Community of Chinyunyu.

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Chikondi Foundation 2012 Board Meeting

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On Saturday 17th November 2012 Chikondi Foundation Held Its First Board Meeting For The Year 2012.

Chikondi Foundation:
The Chikondi Foundation started its operations in 1996 as Nyamphande Orphanage and Community School. Its area of activities were mainly provision of education, shelter to orphans, health and other basic necessities so that no child is deprived regardless of status.  Over the years, the activities became very successful, that people from other parts of the country began to seek for the services to be extended to their areas as well.

The Chikondi Foundation comprises men, women and organizations that work around the world, to promote and protect the rights of all people and contribute to their well being through programmes that help them to develop their full potential.

Chikondi: Chikondi means love; the word itself originated from the Eastern province and is general known among Zambians as it has been incorporated in the language commonly known as Nyanja. Nyanja is widely spoken in Zambian as it is a mixture of the Zambian languages.

Nyanja: The word Nyanja itself means lake or sea and it symbolizes the different dialects that make up the language that is mainly spoken and understood by most Zambians.

Chikondi Foundation Group Photo Of The Local Based Board Members.

Incorporation: Chikondi Foundation was incorporated in 2006 and it has both Zambian and Internationally based board members.

The First official meeting of the Chikondi Foundation USA 2012

The International Based Board Members: This comprises of eminent men and women.  They spearhead the promotion of the Foundation, and help in raising financial resources for its activities.   They communicate through e-mails with each other and with the office in Zambia. The International based Board Members are:-

  • Father Mike Cureau            Chairperson    USA
  • Mother Charline Cureau      Member         USA
  • Dr Scott Lippmann            Member         USA
  • Bart Lippmann                    Member        USA
  • Sister Michelle                    Member         USA

(1) Dr Scott Lippmann Bishop Mambo and Bart Lippmann. (2)  Father Mike Cureau
Bishop Mambo and Mother Charline Cureau.

The Local Board Members: This will comprises of eminent Zambians (men and women) drawn from various professions.  They are be required to meet quarterly and supervise the Secretariat as well as to implement the agreed upon activities.  The Zambian based board members are:-


  • Bishop John .H. Mambo          President/Founder
  • Dr Francis Mbewe                    Chairperson
  • Mr. D. Tembo                           Member
  • Mr. Jones Tembo                     Member
  • Mrs. Shamwana Lungu            Member
  • Bishop Nelson Nyonyo             Member
  • Maggie Mulenga Nakazwe       Member
  • Dr A.M Ngoma                        Member
  • Dr Aggrey Mweemba              Member
  • K.R Zulu                                Member


Chikondi Foundation Board Meeting.

Chikondi Foundation Board Meeting.

Chikondi Foundation Board Meeting.

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Measles supplememnt and immunization 2012

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The Ministry of Health in collaboration with UNICEF, WHO and other partners conducted a national Measles Immunization campaign; this was done in all 10 provinces of Zambia. The Measles Campaign targeted children aged 6 months to 15 years. Nyamphande was one of the partners that took part in conducting the measles supplement and immunization campaign.

A child sleeps after tiresome walk to the immunisation post.

The Primary focus of the program was on measles control. Nyamphande worked alongside other counterparts and neighborhood health volunteers to give oral polio vaccination, vitamin A supplements for children aged 6-15 years in the villages. Hundreds of Mothers, fathers and even grandparents turned up at various health centres across Rufusa, Nyamphande and other remote parts of the district to have their children vaccinated.

Children and their parents line up for immunisation.

The vaccination kicked off on a very high note with children and their guardians flocking to the nearest health centres. Between 2021 and 2011, 37-582 cases of measles were reported by various health centres country wide and 238 died from measles during the period. UNICEF Zambia officer-in-charge Shaya Asindua said the campaign that targets 6.5 million children is an essential intervention to reduce child mortality. Shaya Asindue said UNICEF believes that every child has a right to survival and it is the responsibility of the government and its partners to ensure that the children realise their rights.

Nyamphande covered the areas starting from Rufusa health post, Chimusanya health post, Mulamba health post and Nyamphande health post. Nyamphande and all our partners were given areas within the district to cover; we were also given targets as to the number of children we had to immunise in each catchment area and within the period given for the exercise.


Measles vaccines,vitamins and deworming tablets being given to children

while heath workers educate woman on  measles

Nyamphande’s main contribution to the immunisation campaign was to provide transportation to the teams which comprised of nurses and volunteer health support workers and also to drop vaccines and supplies to all station as vaccines had to be kept under certain temperature. Since most of the clinics in these areas do not have refrigerators all the vaccines had to be kept in Mphanshya Mission Hospital and had to be distributed very early in the mornings with ice packs to keep them within the right temperature. Most people in these villages live in very remote areas where medical facilities are a day’s walk or more to the nearest health post and so transport was needed to get to those who could not manage to make it to the health post. Mrs. Ngoma the part time nurse for Nyamphande also worked tireless with her fellow nurse in Mulamba where she was stationed with their team of volunteer heath workers.

Mrs. Ngoma calls for more vaccines as she was about to run out.

It was quit an experience as we travelled deep into remote areas where some of the children were so excited in seeing a car and some were scared by the very sit of a car. In most areas we found some had even provided some entertainment and food for us as a token of appreciation. We also had areas where people had travelled for days to get to the area where we were going to carry out the immunisation programme. One such area was between Nyamphande and Mulamba were we found people who had travelled for some days and even during the late hours we saw people and their turning up to camp so that they could go to the nearest health post the next day.

Nyamphande’s vehicle transporting people and delivering vaccines.

Due to limited transportation we could not reach most areas in time as each area had time tables which were sometimes missed by our teams. A team was at times split into two groups so as to cover two remote areas in a day, this was done in accordance with the time table so as to cover all remote areas. At times people from those areas to be covered would turn up at the health post thus the team had to attend to them first before they could go out. The time tables where most times disturbed by people who where a few stations apart but would at times congest one station living the others waiting and those waiting would lose hope and go back home.

(1)Mr. Alex Chilabi (centre) goes through the reports with Mr. Tambo at Rufusa health post. (1) women line up with their Children at Rufusa health post. (3) women Drama group.

Our team leader Mr. Alex Chilabi from Chongwe worked round the clock in making sure that all the facilities where adequately prepared with all the necessities and at the end of the day all the reports were collected from each station, he would then compile and send them before the next day. 
On the second day most of the stations had reached their targets and when Mr Chilabi announced this news to the teams, it brought about such energy to the teams as they all wanted to be in the leading position. To boost the chances of having a leading team Rufusa health post even engaged a drama group to help boost the awareness levels in their area. We were also visited by Dr Charles Msiska from Chongwe and his team of monitors, on his way to monitor other health post, the doctor left us with encouraging words and also reminded us not to leave an enemy behind.

Children being given vaccines.

On our last day whilst at Nyamphande we had found that most of the people in the remotest areas had not been immunised and some of the villagers complained that their friend’s children had been left out and there was a need for the team to came back and attend to them. Mr Chilabi our team leader then made an effort of conveying the massage to Chongwe and through him arrangements were made for the programme to be done again making sure that no child was left behind without being immunised.                   

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Patson Kangaza

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On 12 November 2012 grade nines throughout Zambia will be sitting for their final grade nine exams, for some this will be their first time and for others they will be sitting for the second or third time. We at Nyamphande would like to wish our students the very best during their exams and we wish to make a special prayer request for Patson kangaza who will be doing the exams for the second time.

Last years pictures of the house mother giving blessing to Patson and his fellow students as want for grade nine exams in 2011.

Patson Kangaza is a student at Nyamphande orphanage and community school, he is 17 years old and doing his grade nine. Patson lost his father 6 years ago; he was the bread winner of the family. Patson remembers his dad as warm, caring and a loving father to all his children.



The late Reverend Kangaza, bishop John H mambo and

Reverend K. Mwanza praying for Pastor Mwewa and his wife.

Kangaza’s father was a pastor for the church of God in Lusaka he was also a business man. Pastor Kangaza was also in the church council together with his father Reverend kangaza. Reverend Kangaza was a very good friend of Reverend Hard Mambo who was also in the church council with his son Bishop John .H. Mambo. The two reverends had a lot in common as they were both evangelist and had a passion for church planting. Reverend kangaza had for some time straggled with cancer which later took his leg and he used walking aids however his amputation did not deter him from caring out his work. He was a very committed man even on one leg and one day a missionary of the church of God in America by the name of Pastor Teddy Long organised an artificial leg for him which made him more mobile in his outreach ministry. Reverend Kangza touched a lot of people during his lifetime and he is missed and remembered by many.


The late Hard Mambo and his son bishop John H Mambo.



Young Kangaza like his grandfather is also a very well known student at his school he was once a head boy at Nyamphande. Patson is not like his grandfather but he may be on the right track to being an Evangelist like his granddad as he is now the leader of the school worship group. Patson hardly talks even when he is with friends he seems withdrawn and most of the times he keeps to himself. Behind the quite young man is a loving spirit and he goes out of his way to helping his fellow pupils and other people around him.

Above Patson helping off loading.

Last year kangaza sat for his grade nine final exams, as Nyamphande does not yet have an examination centre, the students had to be transported by bus to a school with a centre, which is some kilometers away from the school. As the head boy kangaza was very active in overseeing these programmes. Though Nyamphande community school recorded a very high passing rate Patson was not among those who made it to grade 10. His results affected Patson so much, but because of his drive and determination he pulled himself together and was back with his juniors redoing his grade nine. Since the beginning of the school term Kangaza has not set foot out of Nyamphande to go and visit his relatives he has devoted his time to studying for his exams. He describes his staying at school and seeing his friends live for holidays as the most painful but hopes he will earn his goal after all the sacrifice’s he has put himself through. Pastons dream is to be the first in his family to make it to university so that he can help others.


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Ruby Violett Garland

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VSO posted a volunteer Canadian Project Management Advisor to NOCS from May 2007 to October 2009. Her role was to provide advisory services intended to develop the internal capacity of NOCS to use sustainable strategic approaches and action to direct and manage the organization’s service to its nearly 800 orphaned and vulnerable children and their rural communities.

Guided by the mantra “Together we CAN do this. Together we WILL do this”, after three months of interviews with many diverse stakeholders, the advisor developed the first NOCS strategic plan (2008-2010) intended to provide the foundation for its programme, project planning and fundraising strategies. In November 2007 Bishop Mambo released it for distribution.

Having completed the strategic plan, the  advisor  took the initiative to research funding sources and develop comprehensive funding proposals for submission to potential international/local donors. She successfully raised more than $125,000, mostly in cash and a smaller, but invaluable amount of building supplies “in kind”. As a result NOCS:

>Rehabilitated a dilapidated structure into a safe habitat for an Early Education Centre which opened July 1, 2008 for 50+ preschool children.
>Executed a successful Books Project, undertaken by the Advisor, to provide each of nearly 800 children up to Grade 9 with complete sets of Ministry of Education approved textbooks, delivered on February 5, 2009. She collaborated with the teachers at the school to institute an M&E process to ensure safekeeping of all the texts, as required by the primary European benefactor. Our school thus became the only community school in all of Zambia where all pupils have access to texts. As a result, pass rates in 2009 National Grade 7 exams soared. The pass rate for girls was 100%.

> Commenced construction on the much needed and long dreamed of High School, in April 2009. The structure, comprises five classrooms and two management offices. The project gave employment to a local Zambian builder and his small team. The new school  means that our children will have the opportunity of a lifetime- namely, acquiring an education up to Grade 12 within their own community, in our very own “ Village of Schools”.

In order to provide demonstrable oversight for large projects, ensure good governance and transparent practices with donor funds, the Advisor proposed that the Board establish a Strategic Projects Committee of the Board, Chaired by a GRZ accountant who is also a Board Member. Bishop Mambo approved the proposal. The advisor then developed a Board policy outlining the responsibilities of the committee and documented conditions for executing strategic projects. Establishment of this committee proved to be a ‘selling point’ with potential and actual donors.

With the Coordinator of Community School and Orphanage, the advisor helped develop a comprehensive pupil data gathering and maintenance system, especially useful for donor relations and reporting requirements.
Submitted August 8, 2011

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