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Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

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Its the beginning of the year and Nyamphande Orphanage Community School (NOCS) has started on a good note, so far 535 children have reported to school and a lot more are expected to to be enrolled.

We have 414 children from pre-school to grade 7 and from grades 8 to 12 we have 121 pupils. We have also started evening classes to cater for the adults in the community who wish to get back to complete secondary school education, so far we have enrolled 5 ladies and 5 men. all this information was discussed at the meeting held on the 12th of February 2016 at Nyamphande community school

We congratulate Mr Boti our school manager for having been appointed as the coordinator for all the community schools in Rufunsa district.



Nyamphande Orphanage Community School 18th Christmas Luncheon on 19th December 2015

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Nyamphande Orphanage Community School had its 18th Christmas Luncheon on 19th December 2015 from inception; this is how far the Journey for the Orphanage has been.


This year’s Christmas Luncheon was successful through the help of the following Companies and Individuals:


1. The Williston Church of God, Florida, USA through Mother Charline Cureau

2. Micro Finance, Zambia

3. Apostle Cosmas Mwananshiku – Nyamphande Board Chairperson

4. Dr. Mahtani through his MD/CEO, Micro-Finance

5. Mrs. C. Mwananshiku of Lusaka Plastic Shop Company, Lusaka

6. CHAZ, through Mrs. Sichinga, Executive Director

7. Women of the word

8. City Clothing


10.  Ms. Sakala, MD/CEO, Micro-Finance and



Our Guest of Honor was the Lusaka Province Minister (MP) Obvious Waliteta. We saw the joy of the birth of Christ through our beloved children who sang Christmas carols, drama, dancing and other activities were performed. What a joyful moment it was!


As we end the year 2015, we say thank you to you all for partnering with us. We are forever indebted to you for your presence and also for financial support, your prayers and any other help you rendered to the children of Nyamphande Miracle Village. You made the children have smiles on their faces and they felt the love and care you have for them.


We pray that the good Lord will bless you and his blessings will overtake you in the coming year 2016. Merry Christmas to you all..... For unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given.


Once again, God bless you all!


Nyamphande Newsletter June /July 2015

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“Globally, 720 million people living today were married before their 18th birthday. Zambia has one of the highest child marriage rates in the world with 42 percent of women aged between 20 and 24 married at the age of 18 years this has not changed for over 13 years.
Marriage denies young girls their full childhood, disrupts a child’s education, limits their opportunities and increases the risk of violence and abuse in a marriage.

Nyamphande has always believed in the education of the girl child as woman in Zambia are a cornerstone to child development. We are proud to have seen a change in the community towards the girl child as the number of girl to boys is almost on the same equal in our early grades.

1.  We have 276 boys, 247 girls in grade 1 to 7
2.  We have 125 boys, 63 girls in grade 8 and 9.
3.  We have 90 boys, 60 girls who are in grade 10 and 12.

The current total number of enrollment from grade 1 - 12 is 861

From left, Bishop Mambo, Founding President, English teacher seconded by Government

and grade 11 pupils at NOCS


Grade 12 class


Grade 10 class


Grade 11 class


One of the government seconded teacher with diploma.



Because of the increase in the number of pupils from reception (grade ones), we have turned the dining hall into a grade one class. The high school students are still using the primary school block for their lessons which is causing congestion for the lower grades. We are Appealing to well-wishers to help complete building the very much needed class rooms and ablution blocks for the high school students. The move by the high student to their high school class rooms will De-congest the primary school and give a very conducive learning environment for the lower grades.


Grade one pupils having their lessons in the dining hall


Bishop Mambo with the grade ones in the dining hall


Grade Eight,Nine,Ten, Eleven and Twelve pupils during break time at nyamphande



We are also Appealing to our partners to help our school football and netball teams with sports kits for their inter school games. The school has very inspiring football and netball teams that are in need of adequate sport equipment, we also have table tennis and chess for their after school activity.  This will help our pupils identify each other as teammates as well enable teachers to monitor them when they visit other schools.  We are praying for a financial breakthrough locally or Oversees – anyone who may need to help a child can do so. 

From left: Graften, Rabson Tembo and Bishop Mambo two of the three boys at Chongwe Training College



Bishop Mambo – the Founding President with the two Nyamphande boys who are studying at Chongwe teachers college. 

On our way to Nyamphande, we also visited those at Chongwe high school were we delivered food stuffs.  The boys have made a commitment of going back to Nyamphande and help their fellow community members by educating not only the children at school but also their parents on the importance of taking their children to school. These are some of the boys Nyamphande started with 10-15 years ago and we thank God that they will join the staff at Nyamphande, so as to give back to their fellow orphans. They have promised that once they finish this December, they will be on the ground and take the challenges.


1.    The government of Zambia under the Ministry of Health has seconded to us a full time nurse who is staying with the children at Nyamphande and we praise God for his favor and we have waited for this nurse for some time now. 
2.    Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) has finally transferred all their assets that Nyamphande was using to the project.  The items include the 2 Toyota Hilux vehicles, Hammer Mill, Sony Television and the Video Cassette recorder.  This now means that we now have to service and repair the two vehicles ourselves.
3.    We have also received a laptop from CHAZ; this was given to the Institution during the closing of the 43rd CHAZ general Council.
4.    The government of Zambia will soon start a mobile clinic in our area Runfusa.
5.    Zambia Open Communities Schools (ZOCS) has donated 40 revised training manuals for teachers. 



We thank God for Mushe Milling who donated to Nyamphande Orphanage 15 bags of Mellie-meal.  Matthews 25:35 – For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.  James 1: 27, pure religion is taking care of the orphans and widows.



1.      We have being given a government seconded nurse and are very grateful for this as it has been had been our cry for a sometime. We are however still face challenges in the area of drugs as our clinic is catering for our children as well as the ever growing community. We believe in the teachings based on "love' 1 Corinthians 13:13, we have taken this as part of Evangelism outreach.  Therefore, in the area of drugs, the demand is high but we will not turn the people of God away if they need help.
2.      The Clinic also needs renovations as it has lucked maintenance since it was built.
3.      Due to the increasing number of pupils, there is need for us complete the high school and ablution block.


High school 1 x 5 classroom block to be completed

High school 1 x 5 classroom block to be completed


High school 1 x 5 classroom block to be completed


High school ablution block pending completion.


ZOCS donates to Nyamphande Orphanage Community School
The Zambia Open Community School (ZOCS) donated assorted items to Nyamphande Orphanage Community School in Rufunsa district, the gesture which has been well received by the beneficiaries. President of Nyamphande Orphanage Community School Bishop John Mambo who delivered the donated items on behalf of ZOCS emphasized the need for the religious institutions to collaborate to help the vulnerable children in the society especially those in rural areas.  Among the items donated include two electrical sewing machines, 40 revised training manuals for teachers and different materials among others.

Bishop Mambo said for us we are grateful to anyone who makes either a big or small contribution. Biblically we are required to help the vulnerable people in our communities, be it the church or not. We as a team ensure that we account for everything meant for this school that’s why we come here to deliver the items donated by Zambia Open Community School.

School Headmaster Joseph Buti said the donated items will ease some of the challenges the School had been facing. He said the two sewing machines will be given to women and girls to help empower them with skills in tailoring.
Mr Buti said the school management was thankful to ZOCS for the donation and appealed for more support from well-wishers.


Two electrical sewing machines,40 instruction books and sewing materials  donated  by ZOCS

Bishop Mambo hand out the donations made my ZOCS at Nyamphande Community School


Nyampande Orphanage receives School bags

Bishop Mambo inspects the donated school bags

The Rotary Club of Chilanga has donated one hundred (100) school bags to Nyampande Orphanage Community School which is located in Rufunsa district of Lusaka Province.The Lions Club has become the latest group to extend their helping-hand to the school after the Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) which earlier this month had donated two electrical sewing machines, 40 text books and materials to the school.
Bishop John Mambo, who is the president for Nyampande Orphanage Community School, received the bags on behalf of the school and mentioned that the bags would be given to double orphaned children at the school.
Bishop Mamba a founding member of Maluwa Rotary Club said the aim of Rotarian's was ambassadorships of goodwill which he said the Chilanga Rotary Club demonstrated by donating to the Nyampande Orphanage Community School.

We end by thanking you for joining us in gathering the harvest - Leviticus 19:9.  For us as co-workers in Christ, our position is to save others, as we are saving God. There are many tough times but we are thankful to him.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 August 2015 12:48


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Nyamphande has had challenges in the teacher pupil ratio balance as one teacher has been teaching a class of more than 60 pupils instead of having a class of less than 20 pupils.


Currently we have 3 of our student at Chongwe College of Education who are finishing their studies this year and in need of financial help.


After their completion they will be able to teach the following class:-

1. Graften Chizu – Grade 8 and Grade 4 is teaching Mathematics.

2. Wakumelo Simate – Grade 10 and 6 Mathematics

3. Rabison Tembo – Grade 2 and Commerce Grade 11

Graften Chizu and Rabison Tembo are both Nyamphande orphans, Wakumelo Simate popularly known as Wax by his friends and student is one of our devoted volunteer teachers who could not manage going to college as he comes from a deprived family.


These are kids who have been sponsored all the way, have gone through so many difficulties. Their major stumbling block has been sponsorship; these are hardworking boys with a bright future and an inspiration to their fellow orphans.


Our plea to our partners is to help us raise K 33,000.00 Zambian Kwacha  equivalent to USD $ 4,342.00 


We ask you, brothers and sisters, to warn those who do not work. Encourage the people who are afraid. Help those who are weak. Be patient with everyone.    1 Thessalonians 5:14




Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 16:16

Compliments of the season.

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On behalf of Chikondi and Nyamphande Board, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Community Advisory Committee, volunteer’s staff, Nyamphande children and the Mambos, we did join the kids on the 20th December 2014 for their yearly Christmas Luncheon and had a wonderful time with them. The emphasis was the joy of Christmas and it being Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Ours was to remind them that want we do is not a favor but a command from God.

Nyamphande being a district and having grown now to grade 11 and will have the first grade 12 next year, we have a lot of problems that we have translated into challenges and we remain focused as a beacon of hope in both areas of education and civil society.  Our hard work has paid us and next year, we will have four (4) seconded trained teachers coming to Nyamphande, these have been seconded by government through the office of the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS).
This year we had the District Commissioner as our guest of honor and among those that attend were both the Chikondi and Nyamphande Board Members, Churches Health Association of Zambia staff Children’s International staff, Social welfare staff and some Ndunas.

I thank God that we managed to raise all the funds locally through the help of the following companies and individual.

i.                  Zambezi Portland Cement
ii.                  HAZIDA
iii.                 Mean-wood
iv.                 City Clothing
v.                  Women of the Word

I therefore thank you all for partnering with us at Nyamphande mostly for your prayers as we are still standing because of you all.  May the good Lord bless you during this Christmas and make you see what you want to see during this festive season.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and joyful 2015!

Prayer request:
Let us pray that we have a peaceful election on 20th January 2015 and also for the protection of those that will be monitoring.

Bishop John H. Mambo

Founding President.

Last Updated on Monday, 04 May 2015 10:13

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