Partner in Caring

Wednesday, 21 April 2010 13:44 administrator

We are continually grateful to our many donors and volunteers who have continually come through to help us achieve the many goals for this project.

Given the increasing capacity at Nyamphande over the planning period we anticipate that the school population will reach 1500 children by 2018, being educated in twenty – five new classrooms, in addition to those we currently use.
For quality education to all, Nyamphande has forged ahead with a high school so as to enable those that could not afford to further their studies.


The school through a lottery club in America has managed to get a container which will be converted into a Public library for the school and the community. The lotter club in Zambia has also  made contributions towards this development.


Though the board chair Apostle Cosmas Mwananashiku who donated funds for the purchase of computers, Nyamphande School will now have access technology.

Power Generator

Nyamphande does not have electricity due to its rural setting and to help with the many projects that we are sitting up we have managed to secure a diesel electric generator.
We are approaching potential new donors to help us raise up to $US300, 000 to build and equip the fifteen classrooms needed for our ECE-Grade 7 Primary section; and, up to the $US200, 000 needed to build and equip the high school. We are committed to the development of individual and community capacity to achieve academic excellence and be healthy, involved members of Zambian society.

We have now seen what started as faiths in action grow to reality.

We can now praise God that our first kids; one is entering university with a full scholarship to study medicine, and two others have enrolled to study accountancy with the overall academic performance of Nyamphande being the best in the district. Well over a thousand have passed through Nyamphande School to date.

We continue to pray for favours of God to sustain the ever growing needs of this institution.
"Together we can do this!”, "Together we will do this!"
God bless you